A small ‘prologue’

Hello guys, this is my first post on this blog. Thanks for dropping by. If you’ve read the about page, you would have realized why I started this blog. I want to look at this blog as a journey, a start from who I am right now to an indefinite destination. I want this to be a place where all of you, whoever you are can come and enjoy the peace of God. Maybe you are not a Christian or maybe you are an atheist. There is absolutely nothing wrong in knowing a bit more about the God of the Bible. I am going to be approaching my posts with a logical view. So, even if you are not a Christian, if you have access to a bible, which all of us do, you can understand this pretty well. If you are not able to, I will be more than happy to help.

So, I was thinking what I should start with. Even though I have content that I would like to share with you straight away, I wanted to share with you how learning the Bible has brought sense to the life we have. It is common knowledge that science will never be able to prove completely abstract things like love, hope, trust and other similar feelings that we cannot live without and makes our world a better place to live in. Sure, you say that a rise in this hormone and an excretion of that substance is what induces a feeling of love in you, but that does not tell you why love exists in the first place. Why do we have morals? Why do we all look for meaning in life? An atheist looks at many of these questions as not worthy of any attention. But whether or not we think the question is worthy of attention, it exists and its perpetual existence poses a contradiction to the claim that it is not worth any attention. The reason why it still exists is because every new born child will one day ask this question. And to believe that a product of evolution, of an extremely logical and scientific process is bound to ask that question somehow baffles me. The truth is we all need meaning in life. This blog is not just about proving God to you. It is also about proving the existence of the God of the bible. I do not hold any grudge to anyone who contradicts my beliefs, I respect them and am open to everything they have to say.

Why is there a universe today? Why is man here?

Before we go on this journey together, I want to share with you some of the important things you should know about the God of the Bible. The God of the Bible is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. He is God in three persons. This is often referred to as the trinity. Each person, taken alone is God and all three of them taken together, is also God. The trinity consists of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. If you read on from Genesis 1:26, you will see how God refers to himself as ‘we’, which is pretty confusing. I would like to demonstrate trinity to you with the help of an example. You are a human being. I am a human being. But my name and your name are different. So are we both human beings? Yes! But are we the same person? No! In the trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are of the same being, but different persons, i.e. different persons of the same being. Similarly they are all God taken alone and they are also God when taken together. They have their roles. They are not in any way subordinate to one another. Another thing that we need to know in this post today is the fact that God is not bound by time. That means he exists from time immemorial and will exist into eternity. He has no time. If he was bound by time, he would have to be created to exist and his creator would be ultimately God. A question I often get is, ‘Who created God?’. I hope this answers the question.

Now why was the universe created. Now the God of the Bible is a loving God. Many have pictured him as a cruel and selfish entity but in our quest ahead I will prove to you why that is wrong. I wish people would really try and understand the Bible with an open heart before saying this. But the truth is, he is loving and compassionate. Now since God has no past or future, if he has an attribute it has to be constant throughout eternity. For example if we say his knowledge increased at a particular point, then that would mean his knowledge was less at another point in time creating a past form of God and since God has no past or future, this is impossible.

We said of how God is loving and how he loves us. If he is able to love and loves, he has to love in eternity. Who did he love before he made us human beings? The God of the Bible is a God who speaks. Who did he speak to before he made us humans. The angels? Who did he speak to before he made the angels?

There is a very good answer to this question. He spoke to himself. What???

Yes! Remember how I said the God of the Bible is a God in three persons. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, talk among themselves in eternity. They love each other in eternity. And this love and this intimacy is the purest, strongest and the most wonderful thing we can ever think of. And God in eternity made this beautiful plan of creating man with free will and embedding him into this circle, so that he can enjoy this love and intimacy with God. This is what the Garden of Eden was all about. But man sinned in the garden of Eden and was thrown out of the garden having lost that connection with God.

I would love to clarify a lot of questions about the garden of Eden but I am keeping that for another post since this post is already too long.

Now why did Jesus Have to come and die for us?

Jesus had to come and die for us so that we could have that connection with God again. For God is a just God and to redeem man there had to be a payment. Now before Jesus, animals were sacrificed for cleansing of sins. This was temporary. Why? Because the animals were not immortal beings and would die someday. So, once the animal was sacrificed, when the man sinned again, that blood of the lamb that was sacrificed before would not be able to save him. So another lamb had to die. This was put by God to show man how grave his sins were and also to show that one day there would be a permanent deliverance for all of mankind. This is why we call Jesus, the lamb of God. Now when Jesus died, he was both man and God in its complete sense and his spirit was not taken away from him but he gave it to God the Father willingly (Luke 23:46) and since he was God, he was able to take back his spirit. And he lives today and is eternal. So this time when a man sins, His blood is able to save him because He lives.

But for this forgiveness to happen, you have to choose to accept him as your savior.


Because God did not create you to be a puppet

God gave man the permission to choose. In the Garden of Eden, there was a tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It is because man ate from it that he was thrown out from the garden. Why did God create it in the first place?

You see, if there was no tree from which they should not have eaten. If there was no choice to trust in God and obey him, then the application of the free will that God gave to man will not be there in the garden of Eden and if there was no free will, you and I would have been like puppets. God chooses to respect our personality and our choice.

He will not force himself into your life as your friend and as your savior unless you make that choice. And that is why you have to be ‘born again’. That phrase the Billy Graham is so famous for? Remember?

When you choose to be born again, you are asking God to come into your life and be your saviour and your guide. God will not take you to heaven to be with Him for eternity unless you choose to and he has given you your entire life to make that choice. He will not force you into a life with him. But I have to say, it is a wonderful life. I know it because I live that life everyday. I chose to be born again.

How can I be born again?

For immediate reference you can check out Romans 10:9 and 10 but I highly recommend reading chapters 8 to 10. I would also recommend reading John 3 : 1-10,16, 2 Corinthians 5:12, Romans 6:23, Ephesians 2:8-9. You can find many more if you search on the web.

When you are born again, you are accepting that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He died for your sins. Therefore, now you don’t have to pay anything for the sins you’ve committed, commit and will commit. Jesus paid it all. Rom 8:1.

How should I live after I am born again? What should I do?

All these questions and many popular questions about the Bible and God, I hope to answer for you in the coming posts.

Please ask any question you have and be a part of this journey. God bless you!!!!!!!

Published by Stefan

I am a college student, studying in India. I'm a musician and I love to write, be on stage, and meet people. My blogs are about looking at life from a new perspective. I try to talk about the things we all sometimes miss out on.

6 thoughts on “A small ‘prologue’

  1. “but that does not tell you why love exists in the first place. Why do we have morals? Why do we all look for meaning in life? An atheist looks at many of these questions as not worthy of any attention.”

    I somewhat disagree. There are many worthy questions that atheists consider. For me, I come to a slightly different conclusions.
    Love… is multifaceted. Part conditioning, part chemicals in our brains such as hormones πŸ™‚ Obviously if someone takes care of us as a baby, they feed us, they clean us, they show us around life.. we get the feeling of attachment for that person. As we get older, the hormones are on high alert, we may meet someone who is pleasing to our eyes and we call it love. We hope it works out with that person, we reproduce, we work together with our love to go through life like our parents before us.

    Morals… It’s ironic, depending on how we were brought up, where we were brought up or the conditions we live in have an influence on our morals. The same thing could be said for the religion we follow. Obviously if ones Mother and Father are “Christian”, you likely won’t be “Jewish” or “Buddhist” growing up. We are initially taught morals from our parents. We may have influence in our early years through friends and peer pressure but we start getting a general idea of what is right and wrong. We learn some right from wrong from our teachers, from other adults and from the laws that apply to where you live. I don’t want to discount religion, depending on what religion one follows, it also has an influence on morals. (but just because one has religion, does not necessarily mean they are moral, or any more moral than anyone else)

    Meaning of Life… Many people, even religious, can struggle with the meaning of life. Again, our surroundings help us find some meaning. Right now for me it is raising a teen, working to support a household, working towards retirement one day. Meaning of life is generally how we bide our time and get out of the rut of being bored πŸ™‚ and how we will spend our time while we are living.

    Don’t discount atheists because they do not have the same “belief” as you. When I was younger and grew up in a religious environment, I may have had the same thoughts that you expressed above. You have found your “concept” which is faith in Jesus/God/Christianity. While it may not be my concept, I am okay with Atheism, Buddhist, Tao… and pretty much researching and studying all world religions. Wouldn’t it be strange if I said “Poor Stefan, he’s stuck on one religion where he could learn so much from all the other ones” πŸ™‚ If Christianity works for you, that’s great. But try not to use it as a reason to denounce others.

    Enjoy your day!

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    1. First of all I want to say thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to write a comment. It has been absolutely wonderful to connect with you. Before I go into my reply, I just wanted to clarify some things about myself. I am not denouncing anyone who does not believe the same things I do and I do not believe in any way that I am superior to them because of what I choose to believe. I also author another blog at thefourthdimensionoflife.wordpress.com. If you go there you will realise my philosophical approach to life. Both my religious perspective and philosophical perspective makes me who I am and I just wanted to share that with everyone. I am open to learning new things. Sometimes we have to agree to disagree though. The reason why I started this blog is not to show that one religion is greater than another. Personally I don’t categorise the Christian way of life as religion. As a teenager I have seen how the new age of information technology has changed the way we think. Today, atheism is a popular ideology. I have also felt how many of my peers seemed to find having a belief in God as in some way showing the weakness of a person. I wanted to tell the world why I believe what I believe and that it is not based on what I’ve been taught traditionally, but what I have found true.

      When I said ‘why does love exist in the first place’ I was not actually going for the angle from which you responded. What I meant was: How could something that cannot proved by science and logic in any way come out of something so scientific and logical( for example- The Big Bang, Evolution, etc). For if we were shaped by scientific and logical steps, the qualities we exhibit must be explainable by the same. You might tell me that we will one day. But I don’t think so. Feelings are one of the fundamental things that connect us as human beings. That is why we have records of great men speaking about love and faith much before science was even popular as a platform for research. That is why we have philosophy today!

      Morals. We all go watch movies. I, here in one part of the world and you, in another part of the world, living in two different cultures, can see the same movies and completely agree with each other on why the villain deserves what he got. You see you and I both know it is wrong to kill someone. You don’t need anybody to tell you that. Lifelessness is something we know is wrong. Even babies, 1 or 2 years old do things they know are wrong and they try to hide it. You can’t say they are influenced by religion. They can’t even properly understand their parents! We all have a very basic set of morals we all agree on. When you say religion affects your morals, you are talking about how religion affects the decisions you take when it comes to modern day situations. Based on what they know about their religion, people put new ideas and new things in the ‘right’ box and in the ‘wrong’ box. But there are some morals that transcend cultures, religion and time. I was talking about these morals.

      Meaning of life. The meaning of life I was talking about here is not purpose in life exclusively. I was talking about the link between why we are here and what our purpose is. I was talking about the struggle we face as human beings, not completely enlightened about our origins. Knowing this has a lot to do with what we see as the purpose of humankind. Science has not been able to prove our origins completely. The origins, as explained by science still remain as theories- The Big Bang ‘theory’ for example. I hope this clarifies my point of view.

      I thank you once again for your interest.
      It’s been an absolute pleasure.


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